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Providing practical help for rural Africa with the creation of a network of Health Centres, which offer primary healthcare, awareness, education, information, dietary advice and counselling for AIDS sufferers. It has been one of our strongest principles to bring the local communities to realise their responsibilities for themselves. We encourage them to develop ways (commercial or otherwise) to make the running of the Health Centres self-sufficient following an initial short period, in which they are wholly supported by the charity. Thereafter, each Health Centre is gifted to the local community. In this way we hope to be able to galvanise each community we enter to create a viable and long lasting solution to their own health care.

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The Charity has built five healthcare clinics in West Africa and sponsored a school in Lesotho

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Fundraising Events

The charity has held 'Reaching Out for Africa" Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall

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As a charity we have been blessed with great supporters from Celebrities, Politicians, Children, Choirs and members of the public.

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