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Visting teaching fellow at Middlesex University Business School Faculty of Professional & Social Sciences.

As an Educator, I have been mentoring and building the confidence of men and women just like you for many years, helping them to make great changes in their lives and to have a sense of purpose, calm, clarity, contentment, freedom and happiness.


I've helped many to regain the strength and self belief that they were born with, to focus on the end gain and find their beautiful and unique self that has been dormant within them, just waiting to be re-awakened.


My life story and experiences will tell you that I have been where you are. I have gone through what you are going through and that’s why I’m good at this. I’ve learnt that there is no testimony without the test and that working through the test is where great strength is found. I've been truly blessed in my life and my career in the entertainment industry. I am an artist, author, proud wife, mother and grandmother, but there have been many stops and starts and times when I’ve had to pick myself up from rock bottom and claim back the life that I had dreamt for myself.


I’ve learnt many lessons over the last 50 years and I’m here to guide you towards understanding your value and to truly see the incredibly beautiful person that you are.


Every one of us possesses incredible power, let me help you master yours.

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