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Conductor Matthew Freeman
This episode of “LIFE with Patti Boulaye” I am joined by Matthew Freeman, award winning Conductor, Arranger and Pianist.
Matthew talks about his career traveling around the world and how he decided he wanted to be a conductor, and where the confidence to do it came from.

We also talk about the work that went into this journey, and how even though he is a slow learner he has managed a very successful career. A must watch interview.
Award Winning actress Janie Dee
In this episode I am joined by Award Winning actress Janie Dee. Janie talks about the difficult aspects of her career, and where it all started, listening to Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. We discuss how to navigate such a varied career, working in both theatre and on screen.
Therapist Alison Knowles
This week I am joined by trained therapist Alison Knowles who talks about her difficulties growing up, and how she didn’t have the help she would have needed readily available. Alison went from the class clown to selling mobile phones to demolition, before finally settling on working with people’s minds.
Jamie Langton, TV & Film Director
In this episode I am joined by Jamie Langton, TV, Commercial & Film Director and Producer, who has worked in many genres and some of the UK’s top shows.

Jamie talks about the struggles he went through to get to the point he’s at now, Jamie also talks about always knowing what he wanted to do, and how working in TV was his destiny.

An insightful look into the career of a TV giant.
Dr Ann Mitchell (Actress)
So excited to be joined by Ann Mitchell, the award winning UK actress well know for her portrayal of strong female characters including the lead role in 'Widows' and as Cora Cross in Eastenders.
Simon Withington
On this episode I am joined by one of my favourite British TV producer Simon Withington.
Phil Willmott, British Director
For the 23rd episode of "Life with Patti Boulaye" I was delighted to be joined by Phil Willmott, British director, playwright, arts journalist, teacher, and founder of London based theatre production company 'The Steam Industry'.
Phil once cast me as Judy Garland in one of his shows.
HRH Princess Katarina of Serbia
Wonderful to be joined by Her Royal Highness Princess Katarina who shared lessons on staying positive, some advice to young people about to choose a career and how to value life.
Vickie Lea Payne MBA (AMBA), DipMC
Suicide is not the answer and There's always hope. For the 21st episode of 'LIFE' I am joined by Vickie Lea Payne who provides expert coaching and behaviour analysis in effective Communication and Cultural Dimensions.
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Fortitude in Life

I am really very excited about making my chat show "Life with Patti Boulaye" because Streaming is the future and a great way of reaching the next generation.

I thank God that the Disruptive Live TV (part of Compare the Cloud Ltd) support my dream of encouraging celebrities and successful people from all walks of life to share with me and my audience, a challenge(s) they have overcome in their life/career and how they endured the difficult times.

All interviews are conducted by me in a relaxed and friendly chat.

The aim of ‘Life' is to send messages to young people that even successful people have to overcome problems.

  •  That problems are not the end of the world.


  • That problems are there to be surmounted and they make us stronger in any case.

  • That there is no such thing as a "free lunch" in life.

  •  We all need to work for whatever we want.

  •  That suicide is not the answer or the way out of problems.

  •  That life is tough, but they can be tougher.

  •  That there is always hope.


My guests are those who share my views and concerns for the mental state of the Millennials. Guests willingly share their journeys, wisdom and experiences to help young adults develop fortitude and realize that no one owes anyone a living and we are all trying to survive a challenging world.


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