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Tribute to Powerful Women

First posted on Facebook in December 24, 2017 ·

A Christmas Tribute To two most influential and powerful women in my life God became man, so that we might become one with Him.

During the Christmas celebrations, I find my self asking questions and reflecting on the meaning of it all. Whether I am with family or friends, surrounded by presents or not, in good or bad health, the message of Christmas brings and gives me hope. The Lord came to be born among us! I feel in my spirit, heart and soul, that Christ has once more become a child on earth and fills my life with His light! Nothing is impossible with God! I know that the very first breath I took was by His grace and each breath I take now is His gift to me until He calls me home. Christmas shows me who I am. That I was created in love and very carefully formed. It's the season when I reflect most on who/what I was, before I was conceived and while I was being formed in my mothers womb and when I took my first breath as a baby. I reflect on these things with great awe and wonder, how it is possible that I could be so perfectly constructed, a creature whose existence can be snuffed out in a second, just like an insect, but yet so incredibly engineered in every way to be a breathing, walking, talking, creative and feeling being! It's even more incredible that no other living being has my thumb print! This cannot be by accident. I exist for a reason, like a piece of jigsaw puzzle! The Power in a Baby The power of one Baby born in lowly surroundings to humble parents, wields enough power to be a threat to self appointed important, like king Herod and has enough power to keep the world in rapture. To be adored by nature. This leaves me thinking that we must be missing the point in our modern times. No invention created by man can match the effect of this one Baby, whose main weapon is love. Yet centuries later we cannot ignore His message of love and peace. I realise that the more things change the more they stay the same! That is because God never changes! Love never changes! No matter how evil we become, the Christ child is the biggest symbol of love. Mary the Mother of Jesus More amazing that God as the Christ child was born of Mary, a woman, this gives me courage and fills me with pride as a woman and especially as a mother. This got me thinking about the power that comes with being a woman. For a woman to be chosen to be the channel through which God comes into the world is awesome! What a special, courageous and blessed woman the young girl Mary must have been, to win such favour from the Almighty! I don't believe that our all knowing God chose Mary on a whim. This must have been planned for centuries and the mother of God had to be more than special! This fact makes simple common sense to me. This is not a King choosing a wife that can be discarded at his pleasure, this is God planning to come and see why His most intelligent and treasured creation is so wayward. I believe He created a special woman in Mary. My Mother It amazes me that women are not taking a good look at this very important fact, that WOMAN as a being, is in an incredibly powerful position! Mary, a woman was not chosen because she was weak! She was chosen because she has the strength of character to protect, nurture and bring up the son of God! Just think of what she would have had to endure from the community and the turmoil of knowing you are carrying an incredibly special Baby inside you! Imagine that in this day, the chances are the Baby would have been aborted! Observing the courage of my mother and the story of Mary, Mother of Jesus, My conclusion is that when a woman gives birth to a child or even during pregnancy, God gives her many gifts that include a weapon in one hand and a tool in the other. I believe that with each child that is born of the same woman these gifts are multiplied and her power and ability to protect is greater! My mother gave birth to nine children but I can tell you, she was fearless in defense of her children. She ran businesses and educated her children to the highest standards, even though she was barely educated herself. She saved many lives during the Biafran War, counseled, advised couples and individuals. With each difficulty she faced, she seemed to grow in wisdom. God was her strength and no human, man or woman, could faze her and yet she was beautiful, considerate and respectful of her fellow man. From her, I learned that every woman (whether she is a mother or not), is a mother to all. I knew she would take the bullet for me and yet whenever I would tell her "I love you Mummy" she would reply: "I love you too, but Jesus loves you more!" How awesome is this Jesus who can love me more than this mother of mine? I am yet to meet another woman like my mother Arit Effiom Coco-Bassey. That is why I am paying her this tribute today on her birthday. Together with our Holy Mother Mary, who many years ago was, at this moment, going into labour to give birth to the King of Kings. Mary Mother of Jesus and my Mother, are the two most influential women in my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!

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