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1) Remember to be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is going through one problem or another!

2) Be nice to the people you will meet on the way up the business ladder of success, you will be meeting the same people on your way down.

3) Try to be kind and not hide behind social media, writing things you wouldn't dare say face-to-face to the person! People who make facetious remarks are rarely worthy of respect! That's the way of cowards.

4) Linkedin may be a business platform, but businesses are run by humans with feelings, emotions and a private life, That sometimes need to be not robots.

5) Remember you are not a god and never will be!

6) Acquire a bit of humility. We all know that no matter how qualified or educated one may be, one does not and will never know everything.

7) We all have this in common: we are born, we live, then we die (we have no control over the timing). After you are gone, someone else, probably a stranger, will enjoy the fruits of your labour. All that will be left of you is how you made people around you feel! So use your success to help someone less fortunate than yourself!

Let us genuinely wish each other a happy New Year, so that we may experience the year we wish for others!

May we and all our loved ones celebrate the end of 2018 in good health and sound mind!

Here's to you all and 2018!

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