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"The Best Things in Life are Free!"

"Christmas is a time for giving!"

Here's a one-off Christmas Gift for you, your friends and loved ones, from Patti Boulaye and Bipada Academy!

Patti Boulaye OBE will be hosting this transformational workshop for those who need that extra encouragement to go on and to conquer life’s difficulties.

Patti Boulaye says; "We must stop living someone else’s dream. In order to be our absolute best, we must first find our own voice and strength.” She has spent her career empowering people to “find their own unique self” from the inside out…through the way they think, things they say, their conducts, and their interactions. Life is about fighting for what you want and your dreams.

This will be a day of sharing, imparting, building confidence and soft skills. There will be no presentation or powerpoint slides just a pure person to person session of learning and sharing.

Take another look at life. Keep it real!

Do you feel like something isn’t quite right. But you can’t put your finger on what it is.

Do you ask yourself and your friends these questions:

  1. Do you sometimes feel like the people around you are doing so well while you find it all over powering?

  2. Do you sometimes feel like you are wasting your talent, efforts and time?

  3. Do you ask yourself why life is so tough, is this all there is to life? Is it really supposed to be like this?

  4. Do you want to know how you come across to people?

You are not the only one asking these questions.

Together we can find the solution to these questions. Answers that will focus the mind, energize, make us more confident and happier.

Topics; Confidence Makeover;

- Respect (for self and for others)

- Taking back ownership of your life and self

- Interacting with others

- Being a strong person (in both your physical & mental state)

- Finding reality

- Overcoming obstacles in your life

- Staying positive

- Q&A

Join Patti Boulaye as she shares with you insights and the secrets behind her transformed life. Understand and work with your thoughts, bring more clarity, satisfaction and purpose to your life.

Packed with practical advice and examples that explain fundamental concepts in the mind and how they guide our destiny. This insightful workshop will help you master your mind, create and attract authentic connections, reduce stress, overcome distractions from technology and more.

“This is a workshop you cannot afford to miss and it’s FREE you will leave the event inspired, encouraged and ready to take on your world and conquer it. Meet like minded people and network with Patti Boulaye.”

There are limited spaces for this workshop, to register your interest visit mail@bipada.com/contact or https://www.facebook.com/BipadaAcademy

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