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Getting Your Priorities Right


Honest account and good advice for young working parents.

A woman named Mercy wrote;

I got married at 25, finished my PhD at 27 and became a Professor at 40. So fast you said? Yes, everything around me worked fast. It is now that I realize it was a misplaced priority.

My ambition blindfolded me and I got it all wrong, that is why I am sharing my experience through this medium to warn and encourage our young mothers not to be careless as I was back then.

I worked very hard as a lecturer and as an administrator, always busy that it became my mantra to my children. My mum was around to nurse the children for me for sometime. When they turn ten, I would send them to boarding school. My husband was not in support but I always found a way. I have neither good nor warm relationship with my children, 2 boys and a girl.

I didn’t know it was a bad idea not to make time for my husband, children and my household, until 5 years ago, when I became guilt ridden, lonely and restless. I sent for my children to cerebrate my 60th birthday with me. The two boys, now living in Canada said they were busy and that their sister will make it from South Africa.

Two days to my birthday, my daughter sent this message to me,

"Mum, I am very sorry not to be around over there, there is no time to squeeze out, my husband needs my attention at his newly established clinic. Presently, I'm pregnant, very busy and lonely in a strange land. Please pray for us mum. Happy birthday!"

I could not ignore the meaning I got from the message. "First-thing-First". When they needed me for warmth and discussion, I was not available, now I need them for warmth and discussion. I did not get any, instead they threw my slogan back at me; "I'm busy!"

To make matters worse, my dear husband died in his sleep a month later. Only one of our children came to the burial ceremony and without his family, I was astonished!!!

ADVICE: it is good to work and be a hard worker. But remember this important and relevant biblical truth: Parenting is sacrificial work, give it all it needs. Be careful to avoid any work that will take too much of your attention away from your home and family!

Look after your home first.

Create time for your spouse and children.

Establish the fear of God in their hearts by your attitude and behavior. Though it seems costly now, but the future reward will be worth it.

Prov 31 – A woman multitasks and watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Let's be selflessly available when our children need us.

We will need them in our old age. Believe me!

“Personally, I would like this to be said of me: Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.” Patti Boulaye

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