Patti's Corset designs & Collection

Patti launched "Patti Boulaye's Corset Design Collection "Shakara"

'SHAKARA' -- from Nigerian pidgin English, meaning "show off". (Model Aret, photographer Lee Thompson-Gale)
An International star of stage and screen and a paradigm of glamour and poise herself, Patti's capsule collection of corsets entitled 'Shakara', is designed to enhance and accentuate, to wow and to woo, beautifully drawing in the waist to create an incredible hourglass sillouette and perfect posture.
Using stunning African prints, luxurious leather and hand-woven, textured fabrics, the designs offer a range of colours to suit all skin tones and add a vibrant 'pop' to any ensemble.
Advised by a hugely talented seamstress mother, who herself made and designed corsets; Patti wore corsets after each of her children were born and in addition to the obvious aesthetic results, it enabled her to regain control of her posture and waistline. Disappointed by the 'fashion corsets' available on line, Patti set out to find a manufacturer who could make her own designs a reality and who knew what corsets could really do! These corsets are robust and durable, perfectly made and a boost to both confidence and curves.

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