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TV show "Life with Patti Boulaye"la
"Billie & Me" UK Tour
Inspirational book by Patti Boulaye
Patti Boulaye "In the Closet"
Patti Boulaye as Carmen Jones
Patti Boulaye's photo shoot as Carmen Jones (Japan)
In the West End as 'Carmen' in Carmen Jones
Celebrity MasterChef 2017
Freedom of the City of London

Patti hosts her own TV chat show on DisruptiveLive TV. She is a recognized top public circuit speaker and have spoken many times in both Houses of Parliament and at many conferences/events across the world; read on.

In 2017 Patti officially launched her autobiography; "The Faith of a Child"

She is the Founder and Managing Director of BIPADA Academy which teaches and promotes good overall healthy, robust mindset, strong, coping spirit for all ages with emphasis on Spiritual and Mental strength, helping people deal with everyday challenges, by developing and changing their mindsets, building confidence through the power of the mind and thought process. Read on 

Music is Patti's passion. She has performed different genre of music; watch here

Patti has released nine albums and thirty eight singles; listen here

She loves being able to relate to people whether she is guest speaker, teacher or performer.

It's been many years since Patti last toured in cabaret with her various autobiographical one woman shows. She filled those years bringing up her children and with many things like her charity work.

Her latest tour is her self penned one-woman-show "Aretha & Me" featuring the music of the great Aretha Franklin. This comes after her successful tour of  "Billie & Me" drawing comparisons between Billie Holiday's life and Patti's from childhood reviewed here 

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Patti Boulaye "In the Closet"

Photo by Tessa Hallman for Sunday Express Style Magazine's Fashion Secrets "In The Closet"

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