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Tribute to Powerful Women

First posted on Facebook in December 24, 2017 · A Christmas Tribute To two most influential and powerful women in my life God became man, so that we might become one with Him. During the Christmas celebrations, I find my self asking questions and reflecting on the meaning of it all. Whether I am with family or friends, surrounded by presents or not, in good or bad health, the message of Christmas brings and gives me hope. The Lord came to be born among us! I feel in my spirit, heart and soul, that Christ has once more become a child on earth and fills my life with His light! Nothing is impossible with God! I know that the very first breath I took was by His grace and each breath I take no


THOUGHTS FOR 2018: 1) Remember to be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is going through one problem or another! 2) Be nice to the people you will meet on the way up the business ladder of success, you will be meeting the same people on your way down. 3) Try to be kind and not hide behind social media, writing things you wouldn't dare say face-to-face to the person! People who make facetious remarks are rarely worthy of respect! That's the way of cowards. 4) Linkedin may be a business platform, but businesses are run by humans with feelings, emotions and a private life, That sometimes need to be not robots. 5) Remember you are not a god and never will be! 6) Acquire a bit of hum

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